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Why you can't find MediaLight and LX1 Bias Lighting on Amazon

Primijetit ćete da ne prodajemo MediaLight ili LX1 na Amazon.com. Mi lično kupujemo mnogo proizvoda na Amazonu, poput kertridža za štampanje i knjiga, ali mnoge stvari koje rade sa robnim proizvodima nisu kompatibilne sa nišnim proizvodima poput The MediaLight. 

Amazon was recommending incompatible accessories that could damage our bias lights and our listings were frequently hijacked by sellers of other products.

Primer 1:


If you scroll down you will see that all of the reviews for this product are actually for our MediaLight Quad, our previous model of MediaLight. 

Some people were buying MediaLight products and receiving entirely unrelated products. Some were receiving opšti LED strips where somebody saw the opportunity to sell a low quality $3 strip for a higher price. 

Naravno, pokrili smo sve šteta from incorrect Amazon voltage recommendations under the MediaLight Warranty, but it was an ongoing concern without any resolution. We tried to work with seller support to remove the very bad recommendations, but were unsuccessful.  

Assuming you were actually able to buy a  genuine MediaLight on Amazon. If you  connected the Amazon-recommended 12v power supply (below) to an LX1 or MediaLight, you wold have immediately fried the bias light because our lights run on USB power and the LX1 and MediaLight are rated for.

There were other serious issues, but these were among the worst. 

Ultimately, we couldn’t provide the level of service that our customers depend on, so we brought sales and fulfillment in-house. All of the products and accessories on this site are guaranteed to work with your bias light and are shipped daily from our warehouse in NJ. All of our listings are accurate. You will receive what you ordered. And our website includes a lot of useful information about MediaLight, LX1 and bias lighting in general. 

I dalje možete plaćati Amazon Payom na našoj web stranici i uživati ​​u istim zaštitima koje dobijate prilikom naručivanja na Amazonu, ali mi ne prodajemo naše proizvode na web stranici Amazon i nadamo se da vam to pomaže objasniti naše razloge zašto .